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Control which basemap shows on pdf using printTask

Question asked by am00012 on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by am00012
Hi there,

I have a printTask that works wonderfully except for one
unfortunate bit that I cannot seem to figure out or find any resources on.

I have two ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayers that function as basemaps; one of which is imagery on our arcgisonline server,
the other is ESRIs world Street Map.
The world street map displays until the user is zoomed in beyond a certain extent, then the imagery displays beyond that.

However, when executing printTask, the imagery always appears on top of the world street map, regardless of what is
currently being displayed.
Basically, I just want the printTask to print whatever basemap is currently displaying.

Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas would be most helpful. I've attached a screenshot of what's being output.