Automatically determining projection zone & using that information 2 select prj file

Discussion created by tgmueller on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by AdamCox
Hi, I'm trying to automatically select projection files based on the zone that a feature is in.  I obtained the state plane zone file here from an ESRI Web site. Then I used the select layer by location command in model builder (see below) to select which zone that feature is in (I'm not sure how I will deal with features within multiple zones but I might just get a centroid for a feature.  Then I use the get Field value to get that field value for the selected record.   I exported the contents of the projections in arcgis using sample python code from the arcgis  forum here (see number six).   I also exported the feature class with all the zones into a shape file and brought them into excel.  My thought was to match up these records.   But I"m not sure how to go further.  Please let me know if you have suggestions.