How do I change the Story Map numbers to letters?

Discussion created by jfactory on Feb 14, 2014
Hi, I'm hoping to make a story map that uses lettered icons instead of numbers. The intent is to match a letter that P&Z department sends out.  I changed the marker icons that appear on the map because I knew where the source for that was, as you can see in this photo [ATTACH=CONFIG]31464[/ATTACH]

The icons at the bottom, however, are still numbered and when I look at the html and JavaScript sources, I can't figure out what to change. Any help would be great!

And here is the URL for my current test map. https://googledrive.com/host/0ByndbddpOY9nX2tkVU4wZTRrT0E/map_tour/ Map content is not relevant to the goal of alphabetized markers.