Interpreting Raster Properties

Discussion created by nmichelg on Sep 11, 2013
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I know this is a very elementary question so please excuse what might sound so simple. I am trying to calculate the total area of a raster dataset that has a specified Cell Size of 1 m. I used IDW to interpolate carbon lbs/per area and I???m confused as to how to understand the Raster properties. I can see how many Columns and Rows there are and I know that the inputs are in UTM and I also see the No Data values but I???m unclear as to how to understand all of this. I???ve read and re-read the Help articles and remain just as confused. I see the Extents but I think these numbers correspond the geographic location of the data, not the size of the area. I also used the Zonal Stats tool to Sum the amount of Carbon in the study area and the table shows Count, Area and Sum but I don???t know how to interpret these.
Any help is greatly appreciated.