ArcGISonline problem in IE Chrome Firefox

Discussion created by Ahebert939 on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by kirkapsu
ArcGISonline works okay in IE8 besides it running really slow.  In Firefox version 19 ArcGISonline seems to run at the proper speed but if you click my content the page goes blank and does not load. So I cannot access my content at all in Firefox . In Chrome version 25.0.1364.97 again it seems to run at the proper speed and you can access my content but the drop down menus do not work right. Any buttons on the web page needs to have the mouse button held down to see the menu. Once you release the mouse button the menu is gone. Things like the add data button are behaving like this but still work if you hold the mouse button then navigate to what you want to click. The real problem is when I go to change the symbols.  There are different categories of symbols in a drop down menu but when I click on the category drop down it displays my options but I cannot select them.

I have tried other computers in the office and my home computer and Chrome and Firefox work correctly with ArcGISonline on those machines. It is just my work computer that behaves like this. I have done a windows update, Silverlight update, and a java update and nothing seems to help. I have also cleared the history and cookies and reinstalled both browsers. I am at a loss here any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using a personal account if that matters. I have contacted ESRI but have not heard back, the person I spoke with was not interested in helping me with this problem, which is not my typical experience.