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polyline_GetAzimuth 999999 : Error executing function

Question asked by abdiellopez05 on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by abdiellopez05
I am graduate ESCI student, and my project involves a lot of ArcGIS use. My project is related to assessing coastal erosion rates and causes near the Arctic coastlines of Barrow, I am currently trying to figure out the azimuth of a plolyline. I think I know how, but when I run it in the field calculator, I get an error, called 999999 : Error executing function. I tried several other calculations from Easy calculate just to see if they will work, but it give me the same error. I am using ArcMap 10, and I downloaded the EC50 (easy calculate). Can anyone help me out with this, and direct me on how to solve this error ? thanks[ATTACH=CONFIG]21187[/ATTACH]