Counting pixels in a raster by value - problems with nested iterative model

02-19-2013 08:19 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a mosaicked raster (actually it's in GRID format, so it might not technically be called a raster any more) classified into 5 values (0-5, zero being no data), with a series of points overlaid in a shapefile (see first attached file for an image).

What I'm trying to do is, within a 5 km buffer around each of these points, count the number of pixels of each value for further analysis. I'm pretty new to Arc, but what I've done so far (with guidance from another forum) is use modelbuilder to create a nested iterative model containing a Zonal Histogram workflow, all inside another model that only contains Merge/Append. I also used inline variables, and in memory workspace to speed up the process within Zonal histogram. I then used Collect Values, and then compiled the output in Merge. I've attached a jpeg of the model, and a shot of the workflow within Zonal Histogram.

I'm getting an error for this process, and I don't know why... does anyone have experience with this tool? Thanks.

Edit: just to give a little more background information, here is the error message I'm getting: "ERROR 000622: Failed to execute (Merge). Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000732: Input Datasets: Dataset C:\arcgis\Madagascar\%zonal_test% does not exist or is not supported"

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