Life with Multiple AGO Logins

08-20-2015 07:44 AM
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Hello T3Gers, this is an issue which some of you are running into, from one or more directions.

ArcGIS Online offers two types of logins: those based on a public account and those based on an Organization. A public account is almost like you are not signed in, except you can save and share; there are no other special capacities, though saving and sharing public content are by themselves pretty powerful. An Organization account opens all kinds of doors, and ties into many parts of the ArcGIS platform. For more info on these two account types, see

Now a scenario:

Tony Teacher has an email: "tony@iteach.u" Tony has used that one email for the following accounts:

  1. "TonyTheTeacher" = public (individual; Tony doesn't share login info with anyone; used it to take several Virtual Campus classes)
  2. "MagicMappers" = public (shared; Tony shares login info with entire 6th grade class, and  everyone uses the same info)
  3. "TonyTeacherJHS" = Org-based, in school's org#1 for grades 7-8-9; Tony is admin-level, a helper
  4. "TonyTeacherSHS" = Org-based, in school's org#2 for grades 10-11-12; Tony is publisher; Org has Community Analyst, attached to no one
  5. "T3G15_TonyTeacher" = Org-based, in Esri T3G Org; Tony is publisher; Org has ArcGIS Pro + Community Analyst, attached to everyone
  6. "TonyTheMapper" = Org-based, in state geography alliance; Tony is publisher; Org has ArcGIS Pro, attached to Tony
  7. "TonyTheDeveloper" = Org-developer; Tony is admin; Org has a 14-day trial app about weather, shared in a group including this login

So Tony has 7 AGO logins, all attached to one email. No problem, other than keeping them straight, remembering the passwords, and using the right account for the right purpose. (Hello, Evernote!) Like bank accounts, each one has a different name, different conditions, and different responsibilities and privileges.

Which of Tony's accounts can use the spiffy weather app? Only #7, and only for a few more days.

Which of Tony's accounts could use Collector? If you said #3,4,5,6,7, you're correct, assuming there is a properly configured map shared with each account.

Which of Tony's accounts  can use Community Analyst? CA is only usable if it is (a) in the Org and (b) attached to a given user. If you chose only #5, you are correct. Tony does not have access to CA via #4 because even though CA is available to the Org, it is attached to no one, and Tony is only at a publisher level and so cannot make that change.

Tony has two logins that can access ArcGIS Pro. Pro needs an Org so #1 and #2 are out. If Tony is at school and wants to do work in Pro, accounts #3,4,7 do not have access to Pro. Tony will have to log in via #5 or #6.

And which login would Tony use to access GeoNet? Remember that a single email address can have many AGO accounts, and an Org login might be set to "permit Esri access", but GeoNet and Virtual Campus will only take a single login associated with any given email. In this case, see #1. Probably because Tony used a long-established Virtual Campus global ID and this email to take courses for years before the arrival of AGO, this is the persona and login that GeoNet wants.

These situations may represent some issues you may have in your use of ArcGIS Online. Not every Org has access to Pro, or Community Analyst. Your T3G login does permit it, for exploration and practice (not for all your work). If you're having trouble logging in to GeoNet, think about how you might have logged in to the Virtual Campus. And if you want to try out an app but don't have "permission from your Org admin," try it in your developer account, where you are the boss!


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"So Tony has 7 AGO logins, all attached to one email. No problem, other than keeping them straight, remembering the passwords, and using the right account for the right purpose."

I have the same email in geonet as other organizations - but I cannot access geonet through the community and forums button that becomes active when esri access is enabled. I get errors and have to open a new browser.

This is frustrating for organization members so I wonder if I can just leave esri access disabled (hide that button). It makes it seem like the geonet and organization account are the same but they are not - especially if I want to participate in multiple organizations - right? It seems like I would have to create a new geonet account for each organization to use the Community and Forums button.


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Browser behavior varies from browser to browser, version to version, "private" to "normal," and "operational imperfections" may appear. An example may be the unclear degree to which browsers cache information, share that information between tabs, retain that when one rips a tab away to create a new window or launches a new window via menu selection, moves tabs from one window to another, or sets a given tab/window to be "private". When using "Tab 1 of Browser Brand A (even ignoring browser version and privacy setting)" to log into an Esri-related activity [such as ArcGIS Online account, Virtual Campus course, GeoNet, Esri blog commentary, Marketplace, etc] with one set of credentials, and then using "Tab 2 of same browser" to log into a different Esri-related activity with a different set of credentials, you may experience varying success. If you are going to engage in simultaneous activities with two different sets of credentials, you are best off using "Browser Brand A" for credential set #1 and "Browser Brand B" for credential set #2.

Meanwhile, remember that any given email address can have multiple AGO logins but only a single GeoNet access channel.

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So  what about the case of using ​a document link to access the gallery of one (or more) organizations I am member of through the gallery of another organization I am a member of. This could allow me to log in to 2  ( more) organizations in the same browser.

I am thinking of a teacher in a school organization creating a document link to another organization such as the grace project - and wanting to log into geonet. it seems like it would be best to use three browsers in  this case.

And  i should only add doc links to other orgs that I cannot log into.

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OK I get how the community and forums button works now. I experimented (see image below) and see that I have to be logged into AGO or AGOO with the same username that I want to use in geonet for the community and forums button to work. I was confused because I only use one email but I see that the community and forums button wants to transfer the exact username (and email). So none of my organization attempts were sucessful. Like you said it only wanted a public or organization account with the same username.




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The switch accounts function has made a world of difference! Thanks Esri!

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