Kamakura: Home of the Samurai-Searching for the locations of the Seven Kiridoshi Passes...needing lat/long. Can anyone help?

03-09-2018 06:18 AM
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Trying to make a map showing the location of the 7 Kiridoshi Passes for this historic city.  I'd like my middle school students to be able to see how the physical geography created a 'fortress' for the newly established military society.  The 'passes' would demonstrate how access to the city was controlled.  I can find pictures on the Internet; however, not all are georeferenced. Can anyone help?

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Brian, for pics that are not georeferenced, either use Geotag Photos Online   or another service that geotags photos OR just drag the photos on the web map as you create a Map Tour to their correct locations. 

--Joseph Kerski 

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