Facilitating logins in an ArcGIS Online Org

09-26-2018 11:24 AM
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You know the basics of how to create user accounts in an ArcGIS Online Org. It's easy to add an individual account for a teacher, for example, or to use a CSV spreadsheet to add a set of student accounts for one or two classes. But how do you scale it up? For instance, what is an efficient way to create and manage user accounts for all students in a district? What if you want students to start young and continue using ArcGIS as they progress through the grades, without having to create a new account for them each year? How can you and the educators you mentor, set up an efficient process? 

Last week's Third Thursday T3G webinar explores two main approaches to efficiently creating and managing user accounts in an ArcGIS Online organization for K12 instruction. These are CSV spreadsheets and single-sign-on (SSO), a method that has been getting easier and gaining in popularity.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You might be surprised to learn that Michael Wagner uses the CSV spreadsheet method to facilitate student accounts for his 80,000 student district in Loudon County, Virginia. And that Matt Winbigler has implemented SSO for his earth science class in Cloquet, Minnesota. Many thanks to Mike and Matt for sharing, and to Tom Baker‌ and Charlie Fitzpatrick‌ for providing context, demoing SSO with G-Suite, and fielding questions.

This webinar generated lots of interest, and 45 minutes went by in a flash! There is plenty more to think about and discuss about this topic. What questions do you have? How have you implemented AGO Org accounts? How do you advise other educators? Please post your questions and comments below. What additional aspects should we cover in a future webinar? 

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