Can we use Arcade to assess assignment progress? (Using Intersects)

05-04-2020 04:45 PM
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Real-world Problem: After disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. search and rescue teams employ wide-area search techniques. In a wide-area search, it is important to be able to assign areas to teams to search every house and road. However, it is difficult to actually assess the search progress in a quantitative way. 

Technical Problem

Part I: We would like to count the number of buildings that have been searched in an area by using looking at the number of buildings that do/do not have a waypoint on them (from Survey123). 

We have figured out how to count buildings so far using this very handy expression...

var itemID = 'bb69f10baf334d4c935a0fb23d758f38'
var prtl = Portal("")
var buildings = FeatureSetByPortalItem(prtl,itemID, 0)

var countBuildings = Count(Intersects(buildings,$feature))

return countBuildings

but we still need to count the number of waypoints that fall on top of a building...

Part II: We would like to count the number of streets that have been searched in an area by the number of roads that do/do not have any tracks on them (from QuickCapture).

Before we go any further we wanted to check with the GeoNet Community to see if someone has already done something similar. 

Testing web map: 
More context: SARGIS 


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