Calculating Walk-times

11-04-2019 06:24 AM
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I am trying to calculate the time it would take for a search and rescue professional to walk an open field in a grid pattern. What would be the best way to go about this? Network Analyst? A walk time map seems to default to streets so that is not an option. Thanks. 

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divide the length of your path by the speed of the walkers

Walking 100 meters at a speed of .5 meters per second would mean 200 seconds to walk 100 meters

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Hey Luke - there are a lot of factors that will influence the survey time. Are they searching with dogs? What is the terrain like (steep incline, heavy brush, rocky, muddy), what's the weather, etc. How far apart are the transects? It is a team of people or an individual? If you can account for those factors, I've seen estimated normal walking time to be about 1.4 meters/second or 3.1 miles per hour. For someone doing a search operation I would probably lower that to maybe 1m/sec or 3 mph for an estimate.