Turning Off Fields via Python

11-27-2017 03:37 PM
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Has ESRI changed the Field Visibility property from Read Only yet. I need to make a script to turn off specific fields in a feature class and everything points to having to export to a new layer which defeats the purpose of why I need it. I found a post where they said they were going to resolve this issue that was dated 2013 so I am wondering if this has been updated or if there is any sort of workaround for this.  

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From the arcpy Field class, the available properties are still pretty much the same, but the FieldInfo properties have 'get' and 'set' for a field in a table 

setVisible (index, visible)  Set the visible flag of a field on the table.

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There was a more recent thread related to this: Toggling Fields within a Feature Class On and Off  and many older ones all pointing to a rather cumbersome method of doing this like: Turn fields off by script