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12-31-2019 01:24 PM
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Python 2.7 Countdown 

Gone ... but not forgotten...

Any fond memories of the old ways?

Anything better about 2.7 versus 3.6/7/8?

You can relive the flame wars of ArcMap vs ArcGIS Pro.

Add your thoughts, especially if you didn't get the memo 10ish years ago when 3 came out

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RIP two seven. 

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I missed all the drumroll action, I  guess. But it was about time,.

To me there have been a number of reasons to want to migrate sooner. I just enjoy working in the Jupyter environment and doing updates and dependency management with conda. Although the tool for managing separate versions have improved, I have found it only confusing to remember what version of arcpy to use for what. So let's embrace 3.x for good.

That being said, I'm sure next time I'm at an ESRI gig, someone will crack open 2.7 and start coding...

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In 2.7 I liked that you didn't have to log in or have a stand alone license to use arcpy. I get the whole logging in to use ArcGIS python API but not the arcpy module. We had to run a command install with license pointing at a single use license to get task scheduler to run scripts under the SYSTEM account on our server. 

Tracy Wamsley

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That isn't python's fault

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