One to Many SpatialJoin analysis not returning the full set of data through Arcpy

04-05-2019 08:46 AM
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I'm currently creating an arcpy tool for another team, and the final step is to run a spatial join analysis. the input polygon layer has 55 results, while the input point layer has over 400 currently, but this can go up and down, but never below the 55.

the only issue is when I run the analysis, I only get 55 polygons coming out the other end. the weird thing about this is, if I do the whole process in arcmap I get the full 400+polygons with the right data. even simply just copying and pasting the python snippet of the correct results, and adjusting the inputs so they are formatted correctly doesn't seem to work.

has anyone encountered anything like this before? where arcpy seems limited compared to arcmap?

it just seems bizzare to me that running the exact same process, copy and pasted, between arcmap and arcpy gives different results like that

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It would be helpfully if you post the code or spatial join section of it so we can see what's going on.

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