How to copy Group Editing Templates between project (aprx) files

08-03-2021 03:05 AM
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Hi there,

I'm currently using ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 and have a few project (aprx) files with user defined group templates. I would like to copy these into 1 aprx file to distribute amongst my team. At the moment I've been told the only way to do this is to place the objects, save, open the other file, select the new objects and then save these as the template within the file I just opened. 

I know there is a way to get a handle on them using arcpy & CIM objects (eg. open aprx file, get map, find the layer, getDefinition('V2'), loop through the featureTemplates, etc.) which I have been able to do but can't find the way of then adding them to the other project file and I have coded the same as above to get to the same spot/objects of where they need to go.

Any help in the area would be greatly appreciated.


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