Can ArcGIS Pro integrate with JetBrains Pycharm

08-14-2018 07:34 AM
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Dear Esri Users ….

Is it possible to integrate JetBrains PyCharm Developer environment into Arc GIS Pro for developments of GP tools and Python code?

If so, is there any guide line documentation how to set up Arc GIS Pro?   

Many thanks 

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The anaconda distribution is pretty tight... conda installs of Spyder, Jupyter console and Jupyter notebook can be done since they are incorporated in the distribution.  Other IDE's are not and no one has reported using others successfully especially since the Pro 2.2 release.  Check my blog for the aforementioned IDEs installation and usage if you are not tied your ide

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Kory Kramer‌ and Shaun Walbridge‌ to see if they have any further input

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Short answer, yes, I use PyCharm regularly with the bundled ArcGIS Pro Python distribution. Python in ArcGIS Pro—ArcPy Get Started | ArcGIS Desktop  and Configuring Python Interpreter - Help | PyCharm .  The two main issues are knowing where Pro installs its Python environments and how to point PyCharm there.

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Hi Josh – are you seeing any group discussions about the Arcade scripting language?

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Tom... there are none formed.  Although you can put in a proposal for new one.

Perhaps they could call it "Avenue 2"

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Yes, you can use PyCharm with ArcGIS Pro, its a commonly used IDE for working with ArcPy and the rest of the ArcGIS Python distribution. The Python distributed with Pro uses conda, and PyCharm has documentation on how to configure access to conda as its interpreter:

  Configuring Conda Environment - Help | PyCharm 

Once you've configured that, just set it as the active interpreter for the project, and you should be off to the races. Let us know if you have any questions or issues.