Analyze Service in ArcGIS Pro When Using Sharing.CreateSharingDraft

02-19-2019 06:01 AM
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Hi.  We want to begin using ArcGIS Pro to publish services directly to ArcGIS Server (without portal).  Using ArcGIS Pro 2.3 we can assemble the pieces to create a script that generates  an .sd file.  However, we can't figure out how to do an Analyze prior to (or while) generating the .sddraft or .sd files to ensure our service is in good shape and to ensure we are pointing to the right sde database stage so we don't accidentally upload data to server.

I am new to scripting this function, but I think we are looking for something similar to mapping.AnalyzeforSD.  Or we'd be okay with performing the analyze manually prior to running the script.

Can anyone help?


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Hi Mary,

An equivalency bug has been logged to allow users to analyze SD draft files in python in ArcGIS Pro.  This functionality should be included in the Pro 2.4 release. has no current equivalent of ArcPy.Mapping.AnalyzeForSD, preventing ArcGIS Pro users from analyzing service drafts for errors via Python.

Hope this helps!



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Please note: This is still not resolved in arcpy for ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1.

Here's a link to the bug:

Currently the status is "Not in Current Product Plan"

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Already in the year 2022-jul was it solved? I still can't find it and I'm on arcgis pro version 2.9.0

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its october 2022 and still there is no sign of analyzeforsd function.

sharing error

Can any1 tell how to upload the service definition from arcgis pro 2.8 n portal 10.9 using Arcpy for the above link?

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