000800 error when trying to create buffer areas from the command line

11-19-2019 12:56 AM
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I wrote a simple code to create a buffer for linear features. The script is meant to be run from the command line using arcpy and sys module. The script is this one:

When run I got a 000800 error, here the result:

I'm new to working with python and arcpy, any ideas what is wrong with my approach?

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Try putting your variables in quotes.

Code example from buffer help:

import arcpy

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/data"

arcpy.Buffer_analysis("roads", "C:/output/majorrdsBuffered", "100 Feet", "FULL", "ROUND", "LIST", "Distance")



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Since your arguments are coming from command line arguments, it would be helpful to print and share them because we can't see what you are storing in the variables you are passing.

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