Real-Time AVL Feeds with ArcGIS

12-23-2019 01:00 AM
by Anonymous User
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Knowing where a bus is located in real-time is a valuable bit of information for a transit operations center.  Knowing where a bus is along with traffic conditions, road hazards, road construction, and current weather conditions is even more powerful.  Storing all of that information to analyze past trends to make schedule adjustments brings the process full circle.

With ArcGIS, all of this is possible.  Currently, with ArcGIS Enterprise components, you can consume AVL feeds, weather information, Waze & Esri traffic data, and many other data feeds into a real-time Operations Dashboard.  With the ArcGIS spatiotemporal big data store, you can store these events for analysis.  However, in the near future, Esri will be able to offer these capabilities as a cloud service.  That's right, no Enterprise infrastructure needed.  We're calling it ArcGIS Analytics for IoT, and I believe it will be a game changer for the transit agency that wants real-time awareness with big data capabilities, but may not have the resources to deploy Enterprise.  Check out the video below to see an example of how you might leverage your agency's AVL feed.

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