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With today’s release of ArcGIS Pro 2.4, you can now create an use network datasets with public transit schedule data! No separate downloads or installations are necessary. Learn more about the new functionality in the ArcGIS Pro documentation. A new tutorial can help get you started.

Public transit service area generated in ArcGIS Pro

In light of this new functionality, the Add GTFS to a Network Dataset toolbox is now officially deprecated. No further enhancements or updates will be made to that tool.  However, the tools in the Transit Analysis Tools.tbx toolbox, which was formerly part of the Add GTFS to a Network Dataset download, are not being deprecated. Instead, those have been moved to a separate downloadable toolbox. These tools have overhauled to work with network datasets created using either the old Add GTFS to a Network Dataset toolbox or the new functionality in ArcGIS Pro.

Feel free to discuss the new ArcGIS Pro functionality and post questions about it here in this GeoNet space.  However, keep in mind that you can now call Esri Support for help with any functionality in core ArcGIS Pro, and that's often a better way to get help.  For help with any downloadable toolboxes, you still need to post your questions here.

Happy analysis, everyone!

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Hello Add GTFS to a Network Dataset users (or any transit tool users). I'm seeking some information about which ArcGIS software licenses you have because this influences my design decisions for future tools. I'd very much appreciate your response to this poll:

Thank you!

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Frequent, nearby public transit service isn’t useful if that service doesn’t take you valuable destinations, like your job, your school, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the airport, etc. We need to understand where the transit service goes. If we can do this for an entire city, we can find out whether some areas have better access to important destinations than others, and we can use this information to understand other trends and to correct disparities.  Check out this post on the Esri blog to learn more about how to calculate transit accessibility in ArcGIS:

Mapping transit accessibility to jobs | ArcGIS Blog 

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