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Oriented Imagery: A question about enabling measurements by providing depth images

06-05-2022 09:56 PM
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Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding measuring tool activation in Oriented Imagery widget. I did provide accuracy information in Exposure Point accuracy attribute field, attached relevant depth image urls for all my photos. Measurement tools are enabled, but distance and area calculation results are shown as "NaNmeters". Has anyone had this type of issue? Or maybe someone managed to get these tools to work and could share their workflow? 

I have attached screenshots of the issue, also an example of original photo and depth image used in Oriented Imagery. 

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Hi @DKutkevičius,

My post not relevant to your problem but I wanted to know how were you able to enable rest of the components on OIC viewer namely thumbnail and rest.

I am actually trying to annotate on the image and also view thumbnails of all the images covering that area.


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