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How to run an OfflineBaseMap or Generate a BaseMap into LocalServer??

04-23-2022 11:43 AM
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I have installed ArcGIS_Runtime_SDK for QT Linux. But not able to see BaseMap after running in offline mode. It requires to be online to generate a Basemap.  How can I do this offline?? Can I download a BaseMap separately and run it offline or do I need to create a LocalServer??

If YES, then please help me by sharing the procedure to run a BaseMap Offline...

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You'll need to generate a tile package (.tpk) which is a collection of imagery that will be used as the basemap when offline. You can do it in ArcGIS Pro and I believe Esri has a REST service to do it as well.

Once you have a tilepackage of the area you're interested in you can load that into your app via the Runtime SDK.

I've never used it but Esri Labs also developed an app called Tile Package Kreator that might help.

James from
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