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Pause / Resume ExportVectorTiles

11-25-2022 11:09 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to Pause and Resume export jobs, specifically the ExportVectorTilesJob. I would like to be able to resume jobs, even if the application is shutdown and restarted.

I have been following the examples shown here:

Tasks and jobs | ArcGIS Runtime API for .NET | ArcGIS Developers

I have pause / resume working, if I leave the ExportVectorTilesJob in memory. If I however shutdown, and restart the job by loading the JSON definition of the job, then I get an error

The ExportVectotTilesJob has been created from a PortalItem representing the VectorTile Service and style file.

ExportVectorTilesJob exportJob = ExportVectorTilesJob.FromJson(jobdefinition);



The error I get is:

Job failed. Job error 2 Invalid argument. Portal item is missing for style resources. Cannot export an item resource cache."

When I look at the JSON of the exported job definition, it seems to be missing the server job id (after it has started), and any details about the portal item from which the export was started. 

Is this a supported workflow, or am I missing some extra step I need to do to resume a job.




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