Displaying Mobile Mosaic Dataset Properly

11-25-2022 03:50 AM
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I want to display a MosaicDatasetRaster layer (with caching enabled) on my sceneview and mapview in my Runtime .NET application. Here are the steps I follow:

1- First I create a Mosaic Dataset (say MD1) in my File Geodatabase using ArcGIS PRO.

2- Then I add rasters to MD1 by selecting my .jpg files. 

3- In order to enable caching, I check the "Enable Pixel Cache" checkbox under the "Advanced Input Data Options" section in the add rasters tool. (Calculating raster statistics & pyramids are turned off)

4- Finally, I open the Mosaic Dataset to Mobile Mosaic Dataset tool in ArcGIS PRO. I select MD1 as input and output1.sqlite (a non-existent file to be created) as output. When I run the tool, ArcGIS PRO crashes, the last thing I can see on the details window - Messages panel is the following:

Adding Rasters...
Null Pointer.


Is there anything I am missing / doing wrong? If I do not turn off pixel caching, everything works fine, the .sqlite file is created and can be displayed in my Runtime app. But when pixel caching is enabled, PRO always crashes.

Is there anything I can do, what is the proper way to open a mosaic dataset and display it properly?  

Note: I am using ArcGIS PRO 2.8.0.


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