How to make ClassBreakRenderer work for FeatureCollecionLayer

02-01-2023 08:13 AM
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I get FeatureQueryResult by running gpkx.  I create a FeatureCollectionLayer following way.   The issue is that ClassBreakRendere does not work and gives polyline with the default Symbol only.   I verified the range by getting a particular attribute values.  Can you name what I'm doing is incorrect?

FeatureCollectionTable collectTable = new FeatureCollectionTable(qs);

FeatureCollection featCollection = new FeatureCollection();

foreach (var table in featCollection.Tables)
  table.Renderer = CreateCBRenderer(table.GeometryType);

FeatureCollectionLayer fclLayer = new FeatureCollectionLayer(featCollection);
await fclLayer.LoadAsync();

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Esri Contributor

ClassBreaksRenderer should work for FeatureCollection. The fact that it is rendering the default symbol indicates that value coming from attribute is not matching or falling within the ranges defined by classbreaks renderer. I am happy to look into further if you can provide the data/gpkx and some repro code.

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