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ModelBuilder window opens outside screen area

03-10-2014 12:11 AM
by Anonymous User
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Dear everyone,

I have just found a solution to the problem sometimes occurring with ModelBuilder window opening outside the screen area, when you open it in edit mode. This happens if you f.ex. uses a dual screen setup with the laptop docked at your office and have had the model opened on the side-screen and you then try to open the same model with the laptop un-docked using the internal screen.

What you should do is:

(1) Open the ModelBuilder window in edit mode
(2) Press <alt> <space> and then press <x>

This will maximize the ModelBuilder window to your present screen and you can then use your mouse to position the window to a new location on this screen.

Best wishes,
Peder Bøcher
Aarhus University

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New Contributor
This worked! Thanks. It did not work in ArcCatalog, but did with ArcMap.
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This recently happened to me as well. This thread was a help. Thank you.

David Wasserman, AICP
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New Contributor

Thank you! I had this issue with a model I made on my computer that I've never used dual monitors with, and this worked!

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Thanks for posting this. I have one user out of a group who has this occur when he tries to open a particular model in edit mode. It's a strange problem, but it's good to have a simple fix..

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THANK YOU. That was maddening.

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“…Press alt-space and then the 'm' key, which then allows you to use the arrow keys to move the dialog box back onto the screen.”


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