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Indicate if dialog with exclusive focus is open off-screen

04-22-2024 10:37 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro 3.2.2

Sometimes, a dialog opens off-screen, either completely off any screen or on a different screen. The dialog has exclusive focus, so ArcGIS Pro is locked from clicks and appears to be frozen. The user isn't aware of the dialog, so they use the task manager to close Pro. That results in a loss of work and wasted time.

I'm wondering if ArcGIS Pro could indicate that a dialog is open. For example, put bolded "Dialog Open" text in the Pro title bar. Or something better.

That way, we'd know that a dialog is open, and we could possibly find a way to move it or close it using keyboard shortcuts, such as this (untested):

“…Press alt-space and then the 'm' key, which then allows you to use the arrow keys to move the dialog box back onto the screen.”