Cant run model with variable substituion through toolbox

06-13-2020 05:02 AM
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I have simple model to create a file geodatabase.  It uses model parameters to populate "default" values for folder location and FGD name.  For the folder location, I am trying to use the "Current Workspace" geoprocessing environment as the default. 

If I run this in the model everything works fine.  However, if I try to run through toolbox it gives me the red X and wont let me run - saying folder doesnt exist or is not support (error code of 000732).  I know I have other models with variable substitution that run fine in toolbox, so not sure what is different.  It will allow me to manually click the folder where current workspace point to, but that negates the point of have the default populate.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



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Neal Banerjee‌ are you following the information here?

Inline variable substitution—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

in the  "User input to a model tool" section

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