AGOL Feature Service in Model Builder

08-03-2016 11:20 AM
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I am creating a model in Model Builder (ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2) and trying to add a Feature Service from AGOL into the model to use as the baseline to perform geoprocessing tools on.  Is there a preferred/standard way to insert the feature service from AGOL into the model?  I've clicked and dragged the feature service from ArcCatalog to the model, but an error message appears:


If I open ArcMap, add the feature service to the map, open the model and then click and drag the feature service item from the ArcMap table of contents to the Model, it works. I've tried creating a layer file from the feature service, but Model Builder also has issues recognizing the data as a feature service.

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hi, did you have a solution. I try to use Feature service in MB in Arcgis Pro, but it does not work.

Here is the error i got when i try to calculate a field 

[Update capability is not set]


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You might be having an entirely different problem.  There is likely a permission set that only gives you read-access to the feature class in AGOL.  To update a field, you will likely need to log into AGOL and have the proper permissions to edit the feature. 

I can confirm that I can add a server connection in model builder, but unsure how the actual feature service should be added into the model.  Seems like all the ways I try, result in error messages.

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Please try to use AGO login credentials in model maker to access feature services 
Then first model checks for FC services on AGO and then after making connection on it starts further processing.


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