Add Output layer symbology for model builder and python script for arcgis...

07-17-2019 01:57 AM
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I am working on model builder and python scripting. I have built a model on arcmap, Its running perfectly fine. I have exported its script file also. 

Now I want to add predefined symbology for the output layer (polyline). It has unique values in it. 

I already added symbology through layer file in model builder. Its working fine but it has restriction to keep that layer file intact with the model.

Now I want to know that is there any way to predefined symbology for output file in python code or model builder without using the layer file. Anything that I can do with python code? 

Thanks in advance

Priya Aggarwal

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If you are using ArcGIS Pro (version 2.4) you now have access to the CIM (Cartographic Information Model) using Python:

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