What software does arcpad use to connect a remote camera?

04-29-2016 02:30 PM
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I have ArcPad 10.2.3 and need to know if i can use any camera with a GPS to connect to the ArcPad interface?  Do i need GPS link or will ArPad recognize any camera that is connected by bluetooth or wifi to my GPS device (ToughBook or Trimble Yuma)?

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Thank you. I did read that but its not very concise. I am looking into  GeoJot+ Core. I was hoping ArcPad would just recognize the camera without 3rd party extensions.

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There may be some helpful information here:

ArcPad Help

Also, I found this blog post that has some info:

The ArcPad Team Blog: Your questions answered from the Field GIS Collecting and Editing Data Using A...

In it, it says"

64. Do you have to have a GPS enabled camera to hyperlink photos? Or do you just need Bluetooth capability?

To hyperlink photos, you need either a device with a built-in camera, or some way to get photos from the camera to the device. Some cameras can transfer via Bluetooth or WiFi. Also, Trimble TrimPix Pro software can be used with nearly any digital camera that has an SD card slot, and any device that has WiFi.