Key numbering list placement

03-23-2020 07:02 AM
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Is there a way to manually move a list of key-numbered features in either ArcMap or Pro?  I know this question has been asked before but I've yet to see an answer. The screenshot below shows what I'm working with - I just want this list to go somewhere else; it appears too close to my other labelled features. Unfortunately, these features have the potential to change daily (COVID-19 emergency meal sites in my county) so converting to annotation is not a workable solution. Neither is applying a labeling weight to force them off the gray basemap, as this would shift all the other labels.

Any ideas?  Is there a setting I'm missing?

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Hi Justin,

It isn't possible to manually move the key number list unless it has been converted to annotation. The list displays the same way as a dynamic label, so would be effected by a weighted area. So excluding those options it isn't possible to move the list away from the other labels with the set-up you have currently.

There is another possible solution to your problem, you could use a dynamic table within a layout instead of a key number list.

What is the final product you are aiming for? In what way are you sharing this map?