Frequently Asked Questions for Learn ArcGIS Student Program


Frequently Asked Questions for Learn ArcGIS Student Program

In spring 2020, Esri provided higher education students with ArcGIS software via Learn ArcGIS until August 31st, 2020.  In September Esri launched a follow-up one-year program for higher education students who do not have ArcGIS software access through their institutions.  

What is the status of the Learn ArcGIS Student Program?

Students enrolled in universities worldwide (verification required) can register here. Be sure to use an active e-mail address.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for higher education students learning ArcGIS independently (outside of a formal course). It provides access to ArcGIS and self-paced learning resources for self-initiated learning anywhere and at any time. It is primarily for students attending a university that is not currently an Esri customer and therefore cannot provide ArcGIS access to its students. This app identifies colleges and universities with an agreement with Esri and links to resources to sign up with your institution.

The program aims at extending access for students who wish to start or supplement their learning of geospatial technology and enhance their skills and knowledge, better preparing them when applying for jobs. With this program, Esri commits to helping all students acquire new skills needed for the digital economy.

The software access provided is strictly for noncommercial use.

Who is this program not designed for?

This program is not for students who have access to ArcGIS through their university. The program is not a replacement for an Education Institution Agreement, Academic Department License, or Administrative Use Department License. Institutions should maintain their licenses, which include additional benefits and additional products. 

For any formal learning as part of a course/degree program, research, or operational use, access to ArcGIS should be provided by the institution. Therefore, students who wish to obtain access to ArcGIS for course work, research or operations, should check with their institutions and leverage their college/university licensing. This app identifies colleges and universities with an agreement with Esri and links to resources to sign up with your institution.

Should I register for this program or for an ArcGIS Trial?  

  • ArcGIS Trials provide access to ArcGIS for 21 days for evaluating software before purchase.
  • This program provides access to ArcGIS for one year. 

We strongly recommend enrolled university students register for the Learn ArcGIS Student program because it provides extended access to software.

What is included in this program? 

This one-year non-renewable program for enrolled university students includes at no cost:

  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Online organizational account (equivalent to publisher role) including access to Essential Apps,  Field Apps, and  Office Apps
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Pro desktop software and ArcGIS Pro extensions (Note: This program does not include ArcMap.)
  • (Noncommercial use) ArcGIS Business Analyst (desktop), ArcGIS Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps (web) and ArcGIS Insights software
  • Access to all Learn ArcGIS resources 
  • 500 ArcGIS Online service credits

How do I know if my computer can run ArcGIS Pro?

If you have a Windows computer, use this test to see if your computer meets the system requirements for ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Pro is not supported on Linux or MacOS, but the software can run on a MacOS machine by dual booting using BootCamp or by running in a virtualization platform that supports the DirectX or OpenGL version required.

If you cannot run ArcGIS Pro desktop software, consider ArcGIS Online, which runs in a web browser. Try the Get Started with ArcGIS Online lesson.

How do I download ArcGIS Pro?

1. Click Sign in at

2. Type in your Learn ArcGIS user name and password.

3. Click your user name in the upper right corner and choose My Settings.

4. On the Licenses tab, find ArcGIS Pro and click Download.

5. After you have installed ArcGIS Pro, sign in with your Learn ArcGIS user name and password.

How do I get help? 

Members are supported by the Esri Community, the website that hosts this FAQ. You can search this site without signing in. To post a question, you will need a free ArcGIS Public account or an Esri enabled ArcGIS organizational account. For more information on those types of accounts, see this question

Please note that Learn ArcGIS members do not have access to Esri Technical Support via their membership. 

Please post questions about the Learn ArcGIS Program on the Learn ArcGIS Questions board. The Learn ArcGIS Team will answer questions about:

  • Learn ArcGIS student accounts - accounts with user names that end with _LearnStudent
  • Learn lesson questions - please include the name of the lesson, the URL of the lesson, the section name and the step where you need help. If you can include a screenshot, that is most welcome!

Please post questions about software or other topics on the appropriate Questions board. You can search for one using the search bar above. We've listed some of the popular boards below and here's a list of all of Questions boards to browse.

How will student eligibility be determined?

At registration we ask that students provide information about themselves, their university, and their program of study, so our administrators can verify enrollment.

Esri Access is disabled on my account. What does that mean?

1. You may see a message that says: "Your active ArcGIS organizational account xxx_LearnStudent is not enabled for websites" when you sign in to websites like There is no problem. Your account is set up correctly. 

2. Esri Access is disabled means that your _LearnStudent account cannot be used to access websites that include in their URLs. You can, and we encourage you, to access those websites with a free ArcGIS Public account that will never expire. You may already have an ArcGIS Public account! 

3.  If you see "Your active ArcGIS organizational account xxx_LearnStudent is not enabled for websites." here's how to reach the site you seek:

What happens after the program ends?

At the end of your membership term all content in _LearnStudent accounts (maps, apps, StoryMaps, etc.) is deleted and all licenses are revoked. Students are responsible for moving any content they choose to keep to another account before it's deleted.

Students who want to continue using ArcGIS for noncommercial purposes can: 

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