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01/29/2016 - Making .Net add-ins for Parcel Fabrics

11-11-2016 03:30 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

In this Land Records Meetup we covered the following topics:

This session is for people interested in writing code to create add-ins that are used for working with parcel fabrics. You’ll need to have a familiarity with the parcel fabric dataset, and be familiar with Arc Objects.

In this session we will cover:

-Overview of writing code for parcel fabrics

-Resources on Github, and ArcGIS Online

-what can be customized?

-demos of published add-ins

-Accessing and using the parcel editor extension

-Editing rules for parcel fabric tables

-Edit locks for parcels, when to use them

-new API for 10.4 parcel editor ArcObjects SDK


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