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01/22/2015 - Plan Verification for City of Calgary Legal Survey Submissions

11-10-2016 04:30 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

In this Land Records Meetup we covered the following topics:

The Survey Plan Verification Web Service provides the legal surveying community with the ability to verify survey plan standards prior to final submission and approval. Digital submissions are automatically checked by the online tool and common drawing errors are identified on the Survey Plan Verification Report – the result of using the web service. The surveyor can then correct any errors prior to final submission of legal survey plans. Accurate and complete plans are more likely to be approved and turnaround times to be reduced through this streamlined submission process. The Survey Plan Verification Web Service is one way The City of Calgary is enhancing geographic asset information management and working collaboratively with industry.



About the presenter:

Arne is an award winning GIS/QA professional with over 20 years of experience in the development and integration of GIS data and applications. Managing quality assurance and geospatial information for such companies as Autodesk Inc., Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation, Saskatchewan Health, as well as Kanotech Information Systems Ltd, Arne is no stranger to both the public and private sectors in the Canadian GIS community. The current Leader of The City of Calgary’s Land Asset Information & Mapping business area, Arne and his team of 15 GIS professionals are responsible for the cadastral base mapping and parks related mapping. He is a graduate from the University of Regina’s Bachelor of Science program in Physical Geography, and a recipient of the ESRI Exemplary Systems in Government Award for Cadastral Management. In his spare time, Arne loves to spend time with his family taking in various city and mountain activities including hiking and skiing.


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