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How do I merge the classifications of two different layers into one, and then extract polygons from the most superficial layer (to ignore the polygons previously drawn beneath) from a buffer zone? Help much appreciated!

04-01-2020 03:41 PM
New Contributor

Using ArcGIS Pro, I have several layers on my map, one was from when I tried to hand digitize land cover based on satellite imagery, but I have since been given access to privately owned data based on field surveys, and I want to use that data when I create 2km buffers around the centre of my study sites, but I want to still use my hand digitized layer to fill in the data that is not included in the privately owned data, which is mostly in the form of adjacent farms that surround the protected landscape that I am studying.

Basically, I'm looking for a way to merge the categories of cover type that I created and those that the privately owned company surveyors used, for example what I call "Forest" I also want their cover type "Mixed hardwoods" to be labelled "Forest" and then have both of those as part of the same cover type.

Then, I want to be able to create 2km buffers around the centre of my sites, and extract only the most superficial layer of polygons (as I don't want my original hand digitized polygons that are present on the privately owned lands to be included), so I want the privately owned info where available, but then my hand digitized polygons to fill in the missing spaces.

Any help, or links to being able to chat with an experienced user would be much appreciated!


- Reid

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