Racially Equitable COVID-19 Response Using GIS

04-27-2020 10:30 AM
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Clinton and Margot here. For our first discussion, we want to understand how you all may be addressing racial inequities during COVID-19 in your communities. We know that COVID-19 is disproportionately negatively affecting individuals in communities of color at an alarmingly high rate across the US. Of course, this inequity is due to discrimination in our health care systems, environmental risk factors, economic risk, and, ultimately, historical and ongoing systemic and structural racism.

We know many of you are trying to make sense of and start taking action to address the huge racial disparities in the case and mortality data. Margot, myself, and our colleague Rebecca Lehman have published the following two articles to share guidance out to our users on the datasets and tools we currently have available to address COVID-19 in a racially equitable manner.  We hope these are helpful to you; more guidance will follow in the coming weeks. 


Articles about Racially Equitable COVID-19 Responses Using GIS

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How is your organization responding equitably? What successes, tips, experiences, or challenges are you facing? Please share by commenting here. 

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