Zonal Statistics as a Table- Multidimensional Issue

04-23-2021 10:12 AM
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I need the ability to generate zonal stats for N Bands in a GeoTiff  format (simple and straight forward). I also need control over the bands naming. Is there a way to do this without altering the format of the input image? It is not practical for me to reformat 1.3 tb of data just to get the multidimensional function to work in ESRI. I often have to use QGIS, Rasterio, or GDAL for this process. If I used Arcpy, I have to call each band independently and recode for each band on a for loop. Please make the zonal stats process simple and add the ability to independently select any stat  vs. the clustered list options ( this could be done with check boxes vs. the sub lists provided). This all adds up during the batch processing and if I want just one to two stats, I should be able to select them without additional stats from the provided sub lists. You could auto append B1_MEAN, B1_STD, B1_KURT, B2_MEAN .... ect... wait ESRI doesn't do kurtosis ...   Also, the zonal stats needs a vector output option with the table.  Maybe there is a way that I just don't know about, any info would be helpful. Thank you. 

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gdal is installed in the Pro distribution and kurtosis can be determined using numpy

Table Tools for Pro - Esri Community

you can steal the code from there.

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