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Which ArcGIS geoprocessing tool or better yet, webapp widget am I looking for?

04-25-2023 02:36 AM
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Here are the two feature classes I am working with Land parcels; Polygons; attribute contains addresses Geotagged photo locations; Points The functionality I am looking for Type in an address that matches one of the parcel polygons address field into a search bar or an expression window, and receive a data table perhaps, or pan the map to the results? all the Geotagged photo locations that are within X feet of the point.

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You can add a field as a "search" parameter within the "Search" widget.  It can also be set to pan to the result once selected.

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Here is a new Geotagged Media Processing toolset for ArcGIS. This toolset is designed to make video and photo processing easy, improve workflow efficiency, and add new and exciting capabilities to your GIS solutions.


All of these tools are designed to be natively compatible with our Site Viewer 360 for ArcGIS and GeoTube for ArcGIS Widgets, in addition to a wide variety of georeferenced photo and video workflows.


Geotagged Videos to Polylines:  The Geotagged Videos to Polylines tool creates polyline features from geotagged video files. By using the GPS information recorded in the videos, it creates accurate polyline representations suitable for various GIS applications. The tool is designed to be fully compatible with Nodeology’s geo-immersive video widgets, while also providing utility for a wide range of other geospatial tasks.

Geotagged Video to Photos: The Geotagged Video to Photos tool is an innovative solution for converting geotagged videos into georeferenced photos at user-defined intervals.

This tool is versatile, supporting both standard and 360° panoramic videos, and preserves the format of the source video in the extracted images. Whether your source is a conventional 2D video or a panoramic 360° video, the output will match, ensuring seamless integration into your existing geospatial workflow.

Append Geotagged Videos: The Append Geotagged Videos tool extends the functionality provided by the Geotagged Video to Polylines tool by appending an existing feature class. This makes updating existing feature classes quick and easy and provides a simple way to add new videos to your existing ArcGIS applications.

Append Geotagged Photos to Points: The Append Geotagged Photos to Points is a convenience tool that extends esri’s Geotagged Photos to Points geoprocessing tool. This provides a quick and easy way to append photos to an existing feature class and add new photos to your existing ArcGIS applications.

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