What technology is used behind arcpy cursors?

09-26-2013 06:44 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Server 10.0. I have a geoprocessing using arcpy search, update and insert cursors. I'd like to know more about the technology behind these cursors.

Does it use any driver or pool to connect to the database (I'm using Oracle 11g)?

Does it open a connexion to the DB once at the creation of the cursor and close it when the cursor is deleted? What about transactions?

Does the cursor open a new connexion and transaction to the DB each time a row is updated or inserted?

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You may want to ask this on the ArcObjects or Geodatabase forum, this is an implementation-specific detail for each workspace type. Arcpy simply builds on the geodatabase's cursor model for accessing data.

If you're using arcpy, the way to get transactions is using the arcpy.da.Editor object.
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