Use a field value to dynamically name output feature class

09-15-2022 02:34 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am wondering if it is possible in model builder to incorporate a field value when using the feature class to feature class tool.

The user inputs a parameter earlier in the model (a year) which is stored in the [survey_year] field. I woud like that value to be incorporated into the output feature class name e.g.


I tried the get field model only tool but it said invalid field name. I thought this may be due to the year being an integer so I added another field of type text to copy the year value but just the same.


Any help wouldl be appreciated.



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by Anonymous User
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I would suggest reading up on the following: Inline variable substitution—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

I'm a bit rusty but believe that you should be able to create a parameter from their input value (year) and add this value to the end of the output name. Something like SurveyResults%Year%



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