Union / intersect + Concatenate

09-09-2010 04:43 AM
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i Would like to concatenate different values from the same field:
After "Intersect" and "Union" geoprocessing there are entities in double with différentes values.

ex: in the field 'Type' there is the same identity (same geometry and coord) wich values are "RV" and "Rg".

Il would like to delete and keep one of these 2 entities and concatenate their values in a new field:
2 entities (RV and Rg) -> 1 entitie RV,Rg

I'm french...:confused:I hope you'll understand what i need !

Thank you
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step 1 - create new field = rv_type
step 2 - create new field = rg_type
step 3 - select by attributes  features  with type = rv
step 4 - calculate rv_type = rv
step 5 - select by attributes  features with type = rg
step 6 - calculate rg_type = rg
step 7 - union overlapping features
step 8 - Select features by attribute...  SQL WHERE: rv_type = "rv" AND rg_type = "rg"
step 9 - calculate type field = "rv and rg"
step 10 -  Delete rv_type, Delete rg_type
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I already try this solution, but i have too many  different values (RM, Rm Rv... x12) , so it's a little bit too long !

I have to do this with a lot af geodatabase....

Thx !
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I have the very same need. Have you found any solution?
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I may be wrong here, but it sounds like you want to use the Concatenate Row Values tool found here: http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=52dfcef46fdb4c76bfbc08dc01570f3c
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