Unable to Save Color Changes to Model Builder

10-31-2012 08:30 AM
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What do you need to do to save the changes you make to elements in Model Builder?   I want to highlight a few nodes in a model by changing their color but, even after I save when I re-open the model the changes are lost.  The models are in a toolbox that I made so I thought ArcGIS would be able to save any changes made to them.

ArcGIS 10 / Win7


ArcGIS 10.2 / Win7

No change,  if you change the Display Properties of the element like Color and save the model the color is not saved and you get the default colors when re-opening the model.  Though it seems you can change the shape, and this property seems to hold. 

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What version are you using?  I can reproduce this at 10.1.
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I have found that if you make changes to the Diagram Properties (right click in the white space) the model will hold the default colors that you set.  Two things don't work as expected.

If you make a custom color it does not save in the color palate past the current ArcGIS session. But the nodes in the model still have the custom color that was set.

If you make a change to a single node it is lost past the current ArcGIS session.
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Currently experiencing this issue in 10.4.1. Did you ever discover a resolution? A bit frustrating as this feature makes a model much more user friendly if it worked - surprised this goes this far back. I don't see the point of display property functionality if this isn't being addressed.

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