tool problem in model builder

08-10-2017 04:34 AM
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I make a model it work properly but some time it not run on the feature when i export that feature class and run model on that exported file it work good, kindly suggest any solution for this

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I have few questions which might help in troubleshooting.

  • What tools are participating in the model?
  • Version of ArcGIS Desktop/ ArcGIS Pro?
  • What kind of a database are you using? File Geodatabase or Personal or Enterprise?
  • Does the model use any python script?


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Dear shantonu

thanks for your reply, following are the answers of your questions.

tools are spatial join, join fields, calculate field and delete fields" but only spatial join make problem

Arc GIS 10.4

file Geodatabase

no python script is in the model

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I also have the same issue.  I have been running my models monthly for about 20 months with no major issues. Since July, Join Fields, Calculate Fields and Table Select do not run consistently in the models.  Running manually does seem to work though it is tedious. Just updated to 10.5.1 ArcGIS Desktop, file geodatabase.