Tool for analysing multidimensional data in Portal

04-15-2021 07:47 AM
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Hi Everyone!


I am working on a research project and I am wondering if anyone is willing to offer some advice please?

We are developing a web-gis in portal using arcgis enterprise, we would like to put multidimensional mosaic datasets on there, which we will create using netcdf data. I have been advised to create a multidimensional mosaic dataset, one for each variable (there will be 2 variables (one can be called X, the other Y,each have 20yrs of time series data).

Then, we would like to add a tool to the web gis whereby someone can select a location and carry out a calculation for that location using the two variables over the 20yr timeseries. So for example, the calculation will be something like this: XY = 0.5*(X.^2).*(Y); and we would like to take the value for each time step in the multidimensional mosaic, and then have the output to also be multidimensional. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about building the tool for the calculation or if this is even something that would be possible to do?


Many thanks in advance,


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Have you carried out your workflow using data stored on your local machine to see how easy it is?

Introducing the web to this just adds an extra layer of complexity

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