Geoprocessing service for web application

04-15-2021 04:55 AM
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Hi! I've never created a geoprocessing service before and have just started looking at what is involved. Before I get too far, I wanted to check with some more knowledgeable folks about whether what I'm wanting to do is possible and see if there are any recommendations on where to get started.

I'm creating a web application using a combination of Experience Builder and Web App Builder for Developers (embedded in Experience Builder). The geoprocessing service would be available in the WAB application. I want to create a custom tool using the geoprocessing service that does the following: (1) allows the user to subset particular columns from a feature layer, (2) creates a new field in that layer, (3) populates that new field with the sum of values in the selected columns, (4) displays/symbolizes the results of the new column on the map.

So, my feature layer looks something like this with the following attribute table:




I'm imagining that the user opens the tool and has a list with checkboxes where they can select A, B, and/or C. If they select A and C, the tool subsets those columns and creates a new column with the sum of those values across, like so:



And the layer on the map would display the SUMCOL results like so:


My questions are - is this possible for a geoprocessing service? And any suggestions on where to get started/tips/tricks? Thanks in advance! I've watched a couple of geoprocessing service videos so far this morning but don't yet fully understand the potential or limitations.

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I would say so.  I'd recommend just creating the script or model (parameters are key) first then worrying about how to share it as a GP service (very simple in any case).

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Thanks! I do have a model that does most of what I need (see below). This creates a final feature layer with the new column that represents the sum of the user-inputted columns. However, I don't know how to do the final step, which is to automate adding the layer to the view and symbolizing it.



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Perhaps a tricky one with varying class break I guess.  Maybe just try publishing as it stands then moving iteratively with the next steps.

Is this in Pro? and to your own server/portal etc?

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