Sync Local Edits with Server - Calculate Geometry

02-04-2015 08:00 AM
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I have a Feature Service that I have brought into ArcMap and made a local copy for edits. I am running a model that will perform a few spatial joins in order to calculate some fields and to calculate the geometry lat/long coordinates. I run the model and everything looks great, all fields populated as desired. However, after syncing the edits back to the server, the Longitude field has all null values. The Latitude values came over along with the other fields populated by the model, but not Longitude. The second time around, I started editin and performed a Calculate Geometry on the Longitude field. Again, after trying to sync edits to the server the Longitude field had all null values.


Any thoughts? I came across a similar post from 2012  but it was mentioned that there was a bug with the Calculate Geometry tool when dealing with feature services.



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