Split polygon based on point feature

09-13-2012 07:53 AM
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I have a large point feature overlaying a polygon.  I need to split the polygon into 5 parts so that each polygon contains the same number of points (so the area of each new polygon will differ, but the number of points in the polygons will be approx. the same). 

For some background, the points are street/area lights located within boundary polygons (for different offices to maintain).  I need to split up the lights in each polygon into 5 different groups.  Each group would represent a year that the light will be maintained (ie. bulb replaced).  So after 5 years, the maintenance cycle would start all over again w/ the group 1 lights being replaced as they would be 5 years old. 

Is there a geoprocessing tool that can analyze the number of points in a polygon & then split the polygon so that the number of points constrained in each new polygon is equal? 

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This is an interesting problem...

My first thought was along the lines of using the Central Feature Tool (which boils down the A points to a central point, etc) and then create Thiessen Polygons about those 4 centralized points.  From there you could slice and dice up the four thiessen polygons into five.

There are also the the Mean Center, and Median Center tools as well to use for your 'seed' location  All these can be found under the Spatial Statistics Tool Box.

After thinking a bit on the approach above, my mind started to wander towards a Network Analysis approach:  if you had  a network you could use the 'boiled down' points to anchor service areas.  This approach is a little more realistic than thiessen polygons as you can easily model barriers as you descibe.

Maybe either of these suggestions will spur further discussion for you...

Good Luck-
That should just about do it....
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I know this is an old thread but I was wondering how you got round this? I have a similar problem where I am looking to divide property points into polygons with an equal number of points. It would be great if there are any suggestions or anyone can share their experience on this.

Thanks in advance for your help



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If anyone still looking for a possible answer, I wont be around the bush.

In Pro there is a tool called Build Balance Zones. It can take your point layer and use its algorithm to create concentrations based on the number of zones you tell it. I believe there is a limit to the number of zones. Like most things available, its not perfect and every time to run it, it will create a different version. There are other settings you can configure to get a better, accurate concentration. I used Trimmed Delawney Translation and checked Compactness. You can then draw around the concentrations your polygons or use a template to select areas based on the concentrations. 

Hope this helps

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