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Spatial Join, sumarize points to (one) line

02-21-2024 04:51 AM
New Contributor II

I have line features (streets) and points (accidents) and I want to sumarize the points to the lines (within a distance 5m) unfortuantley it "duplicates" points that are close to an intersection and they get countet to two differnt line features. How can I make sure, that it only sumarizes it to the closest line, but still summarizes it.


If I select closest, it only takes 1 closest point.


Any suggestions? Thanks

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Occasional Contributor III

a little more information might help: do the points have an address or street identifier associated with them? and by 'summarize the points to the lines' do you mean that you are trying to obtain a count (or some other metric) of accidents along each street? If the points have an address that includes the street number it might be worth creating a model or python script that iterates through the lines and finds the points with matching street name. Also depending on the summary you are looking for, again, if you have a street name associated with each point you may be able to simply summarize the points by street name, then join that result to your table. This sounds like a spatial problem but it may not be purely spatial. 

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